-Debbie R. Stifel Nicolaus

Food was delicious! We had the tri-tip, ceasar salad, potatoes, and pasta salad for a lunch meeting. Very tasty. Tri-tip was very moist and flavorful and the Ceasar salad was to die for. Great prices too…We will definitely use you again.  You were polite and courteous and did a great job.  The pasta primavera was great and you do not overcook the veggies which is what happens many times.  Al dente is good!  We are anxious to try other dishes from you. 

-Sue J. Joy Signal Technology

I wanted you to know that we had a wonderful celebration yesterday.  It  is my belief that a celebrations success has a lot to do with the food  and yesterday was a great success.  The feedback was wonderful.  I also want to thank you for the “extras” you provided as a thank you…very generous of you and much appreciated.  Very professional from the proposal to the delivery.  Communication  was excellent and I really appreciated the method of delivery.  Food  was delivered in professional containers and serving containers were  well organized.  Use of your serving utensils “great” and beverages on  ice were very much appreciated.  Marsail, the chef shirt with your  catering logo is a nice touch.  You wear you business logo proudly and  pay attention to details with your food, delivery and on a business  level 

-Susan S.

My girlfriends and I recently had a  reunion and NOBODY wanted to cook!! Who would? We called NorCal Catering  and found out that they do a Drop Off Service which was perfect for us.   We just needed good food for a casual affair.
The food was  wonderful, the service excellent and Marsail was easy to plan with.  I  highly recommend using NorCal.... and order the chocolate cake......IT'S  AMAZING!!!! 

–April S.

This morning, the day after the  beautiful wedding we hosted for our daughter, and new son-in-law, I am  struggling to find the words to express how grateful I am to have such a  fabulous caterer cater our wedding reception. This caterer provides the  utmost in professionalism from day one. I almost felt like I was  speaking with a favorite uncle who happened to be a famous chef,  whenever I spoke with the owner, because he was so friendly and  receptive to my needs. The food was absolutely amazing! Our reception  featured tri-tip, smoked chicken, potatoes, Italian steamed vegetables  and garlic bread. We also had a separate children's buffet, which was  fabulous and much appreciated by parents of children who did not care  for fancy adult food! The hors d'oeuvre bar put out to keep the guests  nibbling while the bride and groom had pictures taken was a big hit!   This caterer does a sweet meatball that will blow your socks off! As we  went from table to table, at our 150 guest reception, we got positive  comments at each table on how fabulous the food was as well as requests  to find out who our caterer was. His crew all worked professionally and  are extremely courteous. They are well groomed. I almost wish I could  find something to say that was negative to balance out this review, but I  cannot! He is A++++++++in my book and I am so happy we picked the best  caterer in the Northstate for our daughter's wedding. Thank you, Marsail  and Nor-cal catering for a PERFECT job!!!!! 

– Jeromy M.

I had the great opportunity to try  NorCal Catering and, just wow. The food is impeccable. I had some of  their amazing tri-tip (So extremely juicy and flavorful) and the chicken  was absolutely to die for. seasoned perfectly and moist enough to  almost fall off the bone. Everything about the food was impeccable and  Marsail, the owner, made us all laugh. Really reasonable prices as well.  I'd reccomend NorCal Catering to anyone looking to get quality catering  locally. 

-Nicole H.

NorCal Catering just catered my  small wedding of about 45 people.  Even though we were a small group,  Marsail treated us with professionalism and was very friendly and  accommodating.  He even traveled 1.5 hours to do the wedding, and the  travel fee he charged was extremely reasonable.  All of the food was  delicious, and there were plenty of leftovers that he left there for us.   I would definitely use them again, and recommend them 100%.