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Food was delicious! We had the tri-tip, ceasar salad, potatoes, and pasta salad for a lunch meeting. Very tasty. Tri-tip was very moist and flavorful and the Ceasar salad was to die for. Great prices too…We will definitely use you again.  You were polite and courteous and did a great job.  The pasta primavera was great and you do not overcook the veggies which is what happens many times.  Al dente is good!  We are anxious to try other dishes from you.  -Debbie R.  Stifel Nicolaus

I wanted you to know that we had a wonderful celebration yesterday.  It is my belief that a celebrations success has a lot to do with the food and yesterday was a great success.  The feedback was wonderful.  I also want to thank you for the “extras” you provided as a thank you…very generous of you and much appreciated.  Very professional from the proposal to the delivery.  Communication was excellent and I really appreciated the method of delivery.  Food was delivered in professional containers and serving containers were well organized.  Use of your serving utensils “great” and beverages on ice were very much appreciated.  Marsail, the chef shirt with your catering logo is a nice touch.  You wear you business logo proudly and pay attention to details with your food, delivery and on a business level. - Sue J.  Joy Signal Technology

Your food was amazing. The potatoes and meatballs were especially good! You can put in that you are such a nice person as well.  -Nancy F.  All Star Rents

The food was FANTASTIC!!!! Everyone loved it! It was so good that there were hardly any left overs for me to take home.  - Jenn W.  ARC of Butte County

That chicken was soooooooo juicy!  I could not figure out which one I wanted more of, the tri-tip or the chicken!  -Chris R.


Thank you for catering our Fall Formal.  We were very happy with all of the food and the price was right in our budget.  The buffet table was so beautiful.  Your staff was very professional and helpful.  Hopefully next year you will be available again.  –Jorge (President of ESP)


Thank you for giving my wife a jar of your dry rub.  We enjoyed the dinner so much!  Can my wife get the recipe for your Italian potatoes?   Frank O.


You came to our house and made the best ribs we have ever had!  Everyone enjoyed the food and it was such a relief to just be able to sit back and watch the MMA fights knowing that I did not have to cook for 40 people.  You need a reference, give them my number!– Ali G.


If I could hire you to cook every meal for me I would! –Maria M.



 Hey Marsail!  Thanx for the grub on Saturday!  We were not expecting such a nice setup for a bunch of guys at a ‘diapers and beer’ party.  So glad we decided to have you do the food for us.  We will call you for my wife’s baby shower. –Lo S.

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